FREE Course: The Complete Guide to Genius Hour and 20% Time in the Classroom

It’s been almost a full three years since I told my students they would have 20% of their class time to work on whatever project they were inspired to create. Since then I’ve learned so much from my students and our amazing community of 20% time and Genius Hour teachers. I have tried to share this journey, the ups and downs, through blog posts, video interviews, a 20% time MOOC, and most recently my book, Inquiry and Innovation in the Classroom.

Now, as I begin moving forward into other projects and seasons of new work, I want to make sure that any teacher looking to start 20% time or Genius Hour with their students have a completely FREE resource they can dig into and get the nuts and bolts of how to make it happen.

The Course: The Complete Guide to 20% Time (and Genius Hour) in the Classroom

When you sign up for this free email course you’ll receive the following:

  • 4 learning modules
  • Video interviews and examples
  • Research and resources to support this work
  • Parent letters, rubrics, and timelines to help the process

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You’ll receive the entire course over the period of 7 days. Each Learning Module will be sent directly to your email inbox. 

Module 1: Why 20% Time?

  • 3 Videos on the need for 20% time and Genius Hour
  • 4 articles on the research behind inquiry-based learning
  • A guide to explaining 20% time and Genius Hour to teachers and parents

Module 2: How to Get Started

  • 2 Videos on the step-by-step process for starting the project
  • 5 articles on how to begin and move your class forward
  • 3 resources and handouts for your class

Module 3: Navigating the Project’s Ups and Downs

  • 3 Videos on Motivation and Facilitating Successful Projects
  • 3 Articles on passion, purpose, and what to do when Genius Hour Fails…
  • 3 Resources on conducting research, the CRAAP test, and giving feedback

Module 4: Final Presentations, Grading, and Reflections

  • 3 Videos on final presentation possibilities and assessing these projects
  • 2 Articles on reflections at the end of the project
  • 3 Resources for continuing the learning and grading

A few summers ago we had an awesome group of educators come together for the 20% Time MOOC. It was a summer filled with learning all about “why” we need this type of learning in our schools, “how” to get started with your class, and “what” to do during the project and after the project. The MOOC taught me a lot and brought our community together in some amazing ways. Afterwards a number of teachers asked if we could have something that was specific about 20% Time and Genius Hour. That’s when I began writing my book on the subject. I believe this course will be an awesome resource for any teacher interested in getting started or learning more. I also hope it is a resource we can point to time and time again as a step-by-step way to implement 20% Time and Genius Hour in the classroom. Check out the course for free when you sign-up for my newsletter to get even more innovative resources for the classroom.

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