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Want to start Genius Hour in your classroom but not sure where and how to begin? Already started Genius Hour and need a bit more guidance? A.J. Juliani and I are hosting a FREE webinar to jumpstart Genius Hour in your classroom. Click to grab a virtual seat now.

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  1. rebecca vance says:

    Hi! I’ve started this Genius Hour in my classroom and I’m not sure what to teach my 4th grade students so that they can come up with solid “driving questions.” Do you have any suggestions? For example, is the question, “What food prevents cancer” a good question?

  2. Hil Czaplicki says:

    Initiating a “Genius Hour” type experience with 9th grade students in a 1:1 laptop environment, called “DaVinci Day”. We are in awe of your site and your work. It is, to say the least, inspiring. Genius. Thank you for your work. We will share back as we create.

  3. James Kendra says:

    I heard about this on twitter so I came to check it out. I love it. I would like my Social Studies class to be non-stop Genius Hour. We should let students explore what is happening in the world each day. World events will naturally connect with economics, geography, civics, and history. The teacher is there to help them make the connections. I call it the Content Free Classroom.

    Keep up the hard work all of you dedicated teachers. We are making a difference.

  4. Kellyn Atkins says:

    I started doing genius hour with my third graders this year and have been amazed at the motivation and creativity that is happening with even my most unmotivated students! It has been cool to see them take the skills they are learning and apply them to other areas! Here is a video that I shared with my school at a professional development that highlights some things we are doing:

    Thanks for all the great resources!

  5. Mark says:

    I am a teacher in an English Primary school. I have started Genius Hour in my class. Some fantastic projects and the children love it.

  6. Jodi Sikma says:

    I have read most of your reccommended books and loved them all, then I found this site. It is a great resource for me to pass along to other teachers who are interested in doing school differently. The teacher video explanation is awesome and I have shared it with many people. My question is, do you have one that explains the genius hour to students? I would love something to show kids in the fall when we kick off our schedule.