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Genius Hour Projects: Start with a Feasibility Study

One of the most common questions I get with a Genius Hour/ 20% Time project is: “Where do you start? While I could go into brainstorming ideas, collecting and connecting methods, or even proposal guidelines, I want to start off

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Genius Hour Blog – We’re Learning to Research

Genius Hour Research Week #1 This week for genius hour the students are starting to research their ideas. It couldn’t have come at a better time because this week our department received a cart of 30 Chromebooks. The students were

Approching Your Administration about Genius Hour

Propose Your Genius Hour Idea Once you have decided to move forward with a genius hour project, you’re going to need to get approval from your administration. Don’t assume that your proposal for genius hour without asking that your administration

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Making Time for Genius Hour in the Classroom

Planning a Genius Hour One thing that you probably thought about when you first heard of genius hour is that you don’t have time to do something like that in your classroom. I’m here to tell you that simply isn’t

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Genius Hour Presentation from #edcampwaller

I presented a session on genius hour at #edcampwaller on 4/27/13.  The presentation is a step by step process of how to implement genius hour into your classes.  The presentation hits the highlights of all my genius hour blog posts

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Genius Hour Blog – Controlled Chaos Has Arrived

We took our last state test yesterday.   Today my classes moved beyond standardization and back into the the autonomous realm of genius hour. It’s good to be back. Each student in my classroom is at a different stage of

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Genius Hour Video Interview #1 – Paul Solarz

Genius Hour Video Interview #1 – Paul Solarz This evening I had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Solarz about Genius Hour (aka Passion Projects) in his classroom.  This is the first interview in a series of interviews that I have

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Genius Hour Blog – Let’s Not Lose Momentum

This week was our 4th week of genius hour.  Most of the students are still excited about their projects, but some of them are running into some roadblocks. The major roadblock that we had this week was that the wi-fi

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Genius Hour Teacher Resources

Genius Hour Links Genius Hour Wiki  – great resource for all things genius hour Genius Hour LiveBinders – lists of all things genius hour Global Genius Hour Project – a project dedicated to sharing genius hour projects to students and teachers around

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Genius Hour Podcast Interview with Suzanna Panter and Chris Kesler

This interview was taped for the Let’s Get Busy podcast. It features, Suzanna Panter and myself discussing genius hour. We go into great detail on what genius hour looks like in our classrooms/libraries. It’s definitely worth listening to if you

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